Are You A Missiologist?

Welcome to the Missiologist blog and community. My hope for this endeavor is to bring together a group of people interested in a dialogue about issues of missions. In short, a community of missiologists. Before you decide whether this is a place for you, please read on just a little further!

Are you a missiologist? You probably are more than you may think! Missiology is simply the study of missions. So, if you are interested in the past, present or future of the development and expansion of Church and God’s People around the world, you are in some ways a missiologist. Missiology is a multi-disciplinary field of study. That is a complicated way of saying Missiology involves learning about many areas of the church, culture, and people.

This post is the first step in the journey of I want to share my thoughts and hear yours. I want to press into the uncomfortable and learn along the way. I want to be challenged and sharpened in my views. This blog is for missional practitioners, academics, and anyone else who thinks about the mission of God’s people around the world.

I hope you will join me!

The figure below from illustrates some of the areas of study included in Missiology.


Image result for missiology

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  1. Thank you for doing this. I look forward to growing and learning more about missions the many facets and practical applications.


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